Familia Amphiuridae

Ljungman, 1867

Brittle-stars of the Order Ophiurae with a generally distinctly scaled disc, sometimes with spines. There is a pair of infradental papillae on the apex of the jaw. The papillae on the sides of the jaw may be contiguous or not contiguous with the infradental papillae. There is a single series of square teeth, no tooth papillae. Inside the mouth edge there are two pairs of tube-feet. The arms are mostly very long, slender and flexible. The arm spines are short and outstanding.
The genital organs are small and not in the shape of a single large mass at each bursal slit.

In the North Sea five species of this family are found:
- Amphipholis squamata
- Amphiura brachiata
- Amphiura chiajei
- Amphiura filiformis
- Amphiura securigera.