Stichastrella rosea

(O.F. Müller, 1776)

Rosy Starfish

Body with a very small disc and 5 round, tapering arms; up to 300 mm in diameter; R/r: 7; coloured orange-reddish or more yellowish.

Dorsal side
The madreporite is large, distinct and surrounded by nodules. The dorsal skeleton consist of large, mostly imbricated plates which are arranged in not so distinct longitudinal rows, leaving only small spaces between them for the papulae. The plates are covered with a group of granules or short, truncate spines. There are crossed pedicellariae especially on the sides of the arms.

Oral side
The adambulacral spines are free of pedicellariae and form 2-3 close series along each side of the ambulacral furrow. Straight pedicellariae on the sides of the ambulacral furrow. The tube-feet are in series of 4 to the end of the arm.

This species appears to prefer sandy substrata, from 4-400 m. Uncommon.

A northern species only occurring in the northern parts of the North Sea. Known from the north coasts of the British Island and the Atlantic coasts. Rarely recorded from more southern coasts.