Anseropoda placenta

(Pennant, 1777)

Goose Foot Starfish

Body sub-pentagonal, very thin and flat, up to 200 mm in diameter, arms short, R/r: 1,5. Coloured red on the dorsal side and yellow on the ventral side, generally with a conspicuous band of red along the margin.

No pedicellariae, but covered on upper and lower surfaces by fine radiating rows of spine groups.

Adambulacral plates
The adambulacral plates carry 5-6 slender spines united by a basal web; on the outer surface there is a series of 4 small spines, also united at the base by a membrane.

This species prefers sandy bottoms, and appears to lie more or less buried in the sand. It is found from about 10-200 m, exceptionally down to 600 m.

In the North Sea this species is distributed from the Shetland Islands down to Hartlepool on the British east coast.