Luidia sarsi

Düben & Koren, in Düben, 1846

Body with a small disc and five gently tapering arms of medium length; R/r: 6 to 10; up to 340 mm in diameter, but usually smaller. Coloured reddish brown, with darker transverse bands along the sides of the arms.

There are four transverse series of lateral paxillae corresponding to each two marginal paxillae. About 15-20 median paxillae across the dorsal side of the arm.

Papulae and pedicellariae
The papulae are only few-lobed and are lacking in the middle of the disc and along the middle of the arms. With bivalved pedicellariae on the oral side.

The tube-feet lack sucking discs, but bear double ampullae. The gut lacks intestine, pyloric caeca and anus.

It is found on muddy substrata, from about 10-1300 m, although it appears to be more rare beyond depths of 600 m.

In deeper waters of the North Sea, occurring from Norway to the Mediterranean, to the south at increasing depths and cooler waters.